We, as Kayatürk Family, have been engaged in textile sector since the year 1991 in Ankara.

    By acting on the basis of a professional team understanding, we had taken an important step towards department store business in 1995 and we carried out our department store activities under different names until the year 2000.

    As of the year 2000, we took the decisions of serving under a national and international modern department store business brand. We, in this connection, joined our department store business in its entirety within Kayatürkler A.Ş. and laid the foundation of a modern department store business brand under the name Kimlik. We have created a serious potential by opening 9 branch stores in Ankara until the year 2003.

    For the purpose of building a national and international brand, we decided to become a nationwide brand and established a logistics and coordination center of 10.000 m2 in Ankara, Gimat in the year 2004. By completely modernizing our infrastructure, we have, for the first time in Turkey, implemented the ERP application in retailing industry together with Microsoft as the world’s leading software supplier. As a result of a comprehensive investment, we started using Microsoft-Navision integrated software.

    By performing studies in the major cities of Turkey, we determined the spots for store opening and we took the first step in Bursa and then in Malatya, Antalya, İzmit, Gaziantep, Elazığ, Van, Diyarbakır, Kars, Kayseri and Eskişehir. Today, Kimlik Stores serve in 12 cities with 20 branches in a closed sales space of 60.000 m2 with a product line covering 15 thousand items.

    As Kayatürk family, we implemented the Shopping Mall project under the brand of NCity in İzmit in the year 2006. This shopping mall with 3 flats and a closed area of 20.000 m2 does not only serve the people of İzmit, but also our customers coming to shop from Istanbul.

    Also, we have been manufacturing our own brands since the year 2006:

    Avacava for Sportswear
    Purlin for Ladies and Youngsters
    Bronze for Classic Garments for Ladies
    Paul Mark for Men’s Wear

1991 – January; We initiated our first activities in textile industry.
1995 – March; We launched our retailing business.
2000 – July; We joined all of our activities under the logo of Kimlik.
2000 – September; We established a logistics center of 10.000 m2 in Ankara, Gimat.
2003 – May; Vakko’s Ankara building that had been serving for that brand for 30 years became our main branch.
2003 – June; We opened our Çankaya branch in Ankara.
2004 – April; We implemented the ERP application with the assistance of Microsoft Office to Turkey.
2004 – November; Bursa Kumluk AVM became the Osmagnazi branch of Kimlik.
2005 – August; We opened our Malatya branch.
2006 – January; Antalya Tunaboylu store a part of our organization.
2006 – March; We opened our Bursa Heykel branch.
2006 – April; We acquired Purlin, the brand for young ladies’ wears, and started the manufacturing activities.
2006 – June; We opened our Gaziantep branch.
2006 – June; We opened our Elazığ branch.
2006 – September; Kocaeli Ncity Shopping Mall, as an investment that does not fall within the scope department store business was inaugurated.
2006 – October; We opened our Kocaeli branch.
2006 – November; We breathed new life into sportswear with our second brand Avacava.
2007 – February; We opened our Van branch.
2007 – August; We opened our Milenyum branch in Ankara.
2007 – September; The first creation of our group’s third brand Paul Mark was on the shelves.
2007 – September; We opened our Diyarbakır branch.
2008 – February; Kimlik is now in Kars
2008 – March; Our fourth brand Bronze also took its place on shelves in the line of classical ladies’ garments.
2008 – March;  We opened our Şanlıurfa branch.
2008 – March;  We opened our Kayseri branch.